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Why does every expecting family need out side of hospital birth education?

Well I can tell you a bad birth experience birth trauma for mother and baby lasts a life time and a good birth expereince last a life time, which would you prefer to tell you child or reflect on? Continue Reading »


Only 4% of babies are born on their due date which makes me scratch my head in wonder if we know this from the stats why the hell do we rush in to get them birthed?. 80% arrive between 2 weeks yay for them and or before 2 weeks after gulp then your sweating it hay. Continue Reading »

Men and Hypnobirthing

Physiology of birth. As a birthing partner it is really important for you to understand how birth works and under what circumstances it works best. During labour you will need to ensure that the mum to be is cocooned in an environment that maximises her physiology and the release of the birthing hormones. Continue Reading »

Inductions are not all bad when you have Hypnobirthing support

Being convinced nothing was going to happen I didnt bother to have a sleep as I thought id get a good night sleep that night. Continue Reading »

Lean into the “pain”

No Matter what turn your birthing takes you will feel you walked the road well prepared! Continue Reading »

Unexpected Home Hypnobirth

We ended up having an unexpected home birth. I thought I would share my birth story - I was having surges on and off for a week and a half. Continue Reading »

Why Hypnobirth ?

Babies are a different creature born to a calm confident mumma. Continue Reading »

ALI’s Hypnobirthing joy!

I used my hypnobirthing all the way Continue Reading »

Kidding me hire a Doula? for what?

Fearful scared will you push that baby out? Continue Reading »

Amy & Jasons water birth bliss

Gabby you are amazing and please keep spreading your light and love to all women for their birth experience!” why everyone wouldn't hire a Doula like your self i will never understand. Continue Reading »