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Why Hypnobirth ?

Recent studies have shown that women who have calm, natural births experience better recovery and higher breast feeding success  Their babies are more alert happy and calm at birth, babies sleep better and have better long term health and mums are less tired, what a wonderful feeling to have a baby and feel as though it wasn’t an ordeal.

Babies are a different creature born to a calm confident mumma.

Mothers quite often tell me they felt as though there birth would have gone very different with out the education that went along with the remarkable skill’s taught my class.

From my own expereince when  couples prepare themselves with an independent antenatal class (hypnobirthing) this gives them confidence to birth naturally, helps with bonding.

As a hynobirthing practitioner I find that many of my clients experience minimal to no intervention, Its so simple but extremely effective just by using the skills they learn in my classes most mothers tell me they felt it reduced the intensity of pain there for being able to stay calm and happy. Over all a great experience, some mothers told me they felt high to the point of eliminate pain altogether.

After completing my hypnobirthing course you will be fully prepared, educated and confident in how you can achieve a positive, calm birth outcome, no matter what turn your birthing takes or how your baby chooses to come into the world I know each parent is grateful to have had hypnobirthing on there side!


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