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Inductions are not all bad when you have Hypnobirthing support

Ok so I was induced at 7am thusday 20th august and was admitted to the matetnity ward. Nothing happened all day and the next step was to break my waters the next morning. Being convinced nothing was going to happen I didnt bother to have a sleep as I thought id get a good night sleep that night. Little did I know that surges would start that night.

I had my first surge at around 10pm that night. I called my husband to come in around 1am and was taken to birthing suite around 2am fri 21st august. I had an examination a couple of hours after going to birthing suite and was 6cm dilated which I got to quite quickly. A few hours went by and I was at 8-9cm dilated. The whole time I had been walking around or standing but found since id had no rest I became really exhausted and had to lie down. It was then that everything slowed down and I was just so exhausted I was given the syntocin drip to help. That was very painful but brought on surges a lot quicker but also a lot more intense. It was time to push and I was on the bed on my back and I cant stress enough…do not try this position. Definitely was not doing anything for me so I moved to the birthing chair. 2 pushes later my baby girl was out. The midwife thought I had haemmoraged so my husband quickly cut the cord straight away and I was back on the bed within seconds. Turns out I tore but had hit a vein. Tearing was still significant so got to hold my baby girl for around 10 mins then had to go to theatre where I had a spinal block and was stitched up. Definitely an experience I will remember but would easily do it all again.

Hypnobirthing breathing techniques is what got me through and made the pain bareable. Amelia Lynette Rice was born friday 21st august at 6.51pm weighing 8 pound 6.5 ounces, measuring 53.5cm and perfect in every way.

Thank you Gabriella

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