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Why does every expecting family need out side of hospital birth education?

Why does every expecting family need out side of hospital birth education? Ill tell you why, It improves your relationship with your partner. optimises a positive out come and gives you confidnece beyond what you could imagine.

I’ve been told after teaching a Hypnobirthing class on more then several occasions: Your Hypnobirthing class has saved my sanity and marriage. yep “I kid you not”

Its not only vital to have an educated partner/support person that has a clue, Its a life saver (possibly your babies life at that) we never know when or how birth will happen, the big QUESTION is?? when will I birth, has families guessing till it happens, so much so that we then allow outsiders to influence us, friends family our care giver filling us with fear, making our birth support person to feel unsure? leading them to pressure us into hurrying things up and this might not feel nor be right for you.  By getting educated you are not left guessing, should I? shouldn’t I?  no surprises!

You can never invest enough money $$ or time in getting to know your birth rights, what to expect and body.

Yes a class can be an extra expense but what would you pay for a great experience?  How much was your last car? Holiday? Xmas gift? How long did that feeling last? … a few days? months maybe.

Well I can tell you a bad birth experience birth trauma for mother and baby lasts a life time and a  good birth expereince last a life time, which would you prefer to tell you child or reflect on?

Yes harsh maybe, I can’t tell you how many second time preganant families I’ve taught that told me my class was worth 10 times more then what I charge. why? because feeling ready for the unknown can transform how your mind and body react to it.

Having skills to keep your preganat person calm, learning how to write a positive birth plan togather, having positive tools for labour day, gaining confidence that makes you feel more cared for, helps the support person be more tender and excited for the up coming birth is worth GOLD ladies, so when he said I’m not keen on spending money on another Antenatal class, ask your support person this what would you spend on a postive experience? because that’s what your buying your family.


How much would you pay?









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