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Why do we pretend we “know” most pregnancies last 40 weeks ha-ha, its an absolute joke, when most midwives – and parents – will tell you that a baby’s exact exit date is the least precise science around, actually in some places in Europe they give a month not a date. For decades no one has dared to challenge the idea that a pregnancy could last precisely up to 43 weeks. I know as a Doula and Antenatal teacher I’ve had mothers go over by a whopping 17 days!! I know what your thinking as a traditional view this sounds dangerous, here in Australia as well as in the US, said that the due date is at 40 weeks and pregnancy should last no longer than 42 weeks. “But did baby get the memo?” Now a new study is challenging whether having a due date is helpful at all. ( I call it a big fat NO)


A study by the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has found that the length of pregnancy can vary naturally by 5 weeks. (This thrilled me hear) Try telling this to your Hospital or OB though!, It seems every woman is expected to give birth within a strict two-week window or face medical intervention and often will end up in a C-section. Emergency caesarian section recovery is crap, completely different to planned.

Only 4% of babies are born on their due date which makes me scratch my head in wonder if we know this from the stats why the hell do we rush in to get them birthed?. 80% arrive between 2 weeks yay for them and or before 2 weeks after gulp then your sweating it hay.


The rest are either premature or late. For parents faced with the latter deliver this new research is truly a revelation. Particular around Xmas time as we both know the PRESSURE is on after all Santa is coming to town and he wants to meet your baby, ‘just kidding” the OB actually wants to meet your baby so he can go off and have his Xmas holiday. It’s tough gig hay but someone’s got to do it. Don’t get me wrong now both public and private hospitals will get you feeling edgy about your pending birth around Xmas so stay strong, trust your baby and body practice patience as once your little monkey is out its out for good and timing is everything.


Happy Birthing Vibes


Merry Xmas


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