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Brisbane Doula Service

Are you filled with fear? Does your partner feel concerned about how this experience will end up?

Are you considering pain relief before you have even gone into labour?

Does becoming a mother scare the heck out of you?

You are not on your own.. every women is looking for  a magical birth? Gabriella’a  Doula Support services will assist you in creating your ideal birthing experience, at home or in hospital. Gabriella is an exsperienced Holistic qualified Brisbane Doula, Gabriella, supports women all over Brisbane, the Gold and Bayside also  everywhere in between. Care begins with pre-natal sessions (starting any trimester), and continues throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. At your in-home sessions you will learn stretches and breathing for birth, watch informative and inspirational DVDs, plus so much more.

Gabriella is a mother of four and has an abundance of experience with supporting mothers in mothering there infants,  you will feel confident and calm.


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Gabriella specialises in pregnancy and labour support all around Brisbane for the following:

Brisbane Doula Support

  • Fear of childbirth & traumatic from previous births)
  • High-risk pregnancies
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean)
  • What you’ll experience:
    • Your Doula is a great listener
    • Demonstrates values and respectful and values your privacy
    • Always knows when not to impose her own thoughts or beliefs on you
    • Your first person you want to call when you have a problem
    • Understands all challenges and emotions but know when to step back and give you space
    • Lovingly encourages identify strategies and skills that resonate with you
    • Together with large shoulders supporting you to dig deep to understand and prepare for the experiences to come
    • Record and encourage you to lean into those birthing sensations
    • Recognises what normal birth looks and feels like.
    • Your Doula will drop everything she is doing to come to you during labour
    • Your Doula will be with you at home in labour and go to the hospital with you
    • She brings her poker face 😉 to all births, carries no paperwork. You, and your partner are her only focus
    • She’s a professional and demonstrates respectl to all care providers and works positively with them as part of your team ( no I in team)
    • Breastfeeding support is her passion and drive to help you achieve your goals as a new mother.
    • She will prepare you for the excitement of the chaos your about to leap into, the getting to know your newborn, But most of all your Doula believes in your abilities always she’ll be your greatest encourager and share your challenges and joys on this exciting journey.
    • Making space to nurture and support you and your partner if you feel overwhelmed, discouraged or defeated.
    • She will stay with you for your entire labour (not leaving at the end of a shift)
    • She bring a sense of peace
    • Your Doula brings essential Mummalyte Hydration
    • A spirit that lifts you up
    • Naturally methods of support so your body responds
    • Massage . foot rubs making you feel so nurished
What Does A Doula Do For Your Birth?

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    Proudly supporting mothers all over Brisbane

The best results occurred when the continuous support was provided by a trained doula – someone who was not a staff member at the hospital and not part of the birthing woman’s social network or family. Your Doula will give your partner the confidence to support you and to feel equally supported.

  • Ensuring that you are well-hydrated
  • Vocal nurturing and encouragement
  • Emotional facilitation
  • Warm bath assistance during labour
  • Use of soothing essential oils from DoTERRA
  • Breath work
  • Showering is supported and encouraged and is Ideal for comfort
  • Therapeutic touch and sacral pressure point work
  • Encouraging your mobility and helping with changes of position during intense surges
  • Incorporating sound vibration, toning, and music if you wish
  • Being your liaison with family & friends
  • Continuous care during transition to birth centres or hospital (if you are not having a home birth w/Midwife)
  • Communicating your wishes to numerous staff in the institutional environment in an elegant manner and setting up your room to make it as warm and natural for your labour and to be calm and joyous
  • Actively supporting informed choices to reduce unnecessary medical interventions (Birth planning)
  • Encouraging conscious communication between you and your labouring baby as you are both working to the end result of a beautiful delivery
  • Helping you consistently move through fear into a return to LOVE and BREATHE
  • Reminding you to attune to your body’s amazing ability to birth your baby
  • Facilitating privacy & integrity between the labouring woman and her committed partner for optimal physiology
  • Facilitating mother-baby skin to skin reunion upon birth & feeding
  • Focusing on you and encouraging your focus
  • For Homebirth clients assisting a licensed midwife
  • Facilitating mindfulness for placenta/cord care
  • Ideal birth for your family can be as easy as the support and education you receive!




Disclaimer: Please note that during breakouts of covid support people will need to support via remote, this is  totally out of our control and was successful throughout 2020/21

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