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Hypnobirthing online course

Your hypnobubs™ hypnobirthing online course is NOW AVAILABLE!

NEW RELEASE! We are revolutionising the accessibility of hypnobirthing training for parents!

Can’t make it to hypnobirthing classes? No worries; we have a FANTASTIC online option now available for you! Our hypnobubs&trade hypnobirthing online course is extremely comprehensive and includes 10 x video tuition and practice sessions, 5 x hypnobirthing mp3s, an eBook, handouts and worksheets. And best of all, this training is accessible on a secure online learning platform, via your computer or mobile device, 24/7!

Online CourseThis is what is included in your hypnobubs™ online course:

  • 10 x videos of expert hypnobirthing tuition and practical exercises with Melissa Spilsted
  • eBook ‘the little book of hypnobirthing’
  • worksheets & handouts throughout
  • 5 x long play mp3 practice tracks including Affirmations for Beautiful Birthing, Surge of the Sea, Prompts for Birthing, Glove of Endorphins and Fear Release
  • Access to your training and materials 24/7 via your computer or mobile device
  • Online support available via the learning platform

This represents fantastic value and ensures that you have access to a world class hypnobirthing classes and training materials, regardless of where you live and your availability – and all at a very affordable price.

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And we have some VERY exciting news to share!! If you are enrolled in this online course, you have the ability to UPGRADE with a 90 minutes private session with a Certified Practitioner (either in person or via Skype) for a Very special price.

Here is an outline of the course content from our hypnobubs™ hypnobirthing online course – so you can see just how comprehensive this course is!

** Course Outline **

Video: Introduction to course
Pre-course material: eBook & worksheet

* Module 1: Mindset Matters *

How our brain is ‘wired’ to birth
Mind/body connection and how this can help or hinder us
How fear can affect birth
Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
Re-programming our mind
Maintaining a positive mindset
The language of birth
The power of affirmations
How to use self-hypnosis to create & maintain a positive mindset

* Module 2: Toolbox for Birth *

The importance of facial relaxation
Relaxation Breathing – a skill for life
Surge Breathing – the best tool ever!
The ‘urge’ to push/bear down – breathing down
Visualisations for birth
Birth music and aromatherapy
Instant ways to relax
Self-hypnosis techniques
Practical exercises throughout
Hypnosis practice tracks

* Module 3: Knowledge is Power *

Reading and research
‘Guess date’ – a normal range of pregnancy
Types of inductions
Achieving a natural start to labour
Membranes releasing
How do I know I’m in labour?
When to call our caregivers
Signs that labour is progressing
Positions for birthing
Transition – not a dirty word!
Getting pushy – trusting our natural instincts
Our baby’s first moments
Undisturbed bonding/breastfeeding time – skin to skin
Birthing the placenta

* Module 4: Support & Choices *

Birth Preferences
Choosing supportive caregivers
How your caregivers can help with hypnobirthing
Birth partner’s role
Cheat sheet for birth partner
Using touch to trigger the release of endorphins
Using touch for anchoring
Prompts for birthing
Creating a special birth space
Special circumstances – making informed decisions
Breech or posterior positioned babies
What if I need interventions or a caesarean?
Rehearsal for birth practical session

* Module 5: Preparation is the Key *

Maintaining a healthy diet
Staying active during pregnancy
Routine for practice – repetition, repetition, repetition
Maintaining the mindset for empowered birthing
Releasing fears
Empowerment practical exercise

Surge of the Sea