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    1. Feed your baby within the first hour of birth. Why? After this they become sleepy and have a recovery sleep. Get that colostrum in ASAP. 2. Skin to Skin ++ Strip your baby down to their nappy, pop them on your chest and have snuggles. As well as it being a super lovely time having these cuddles it will also benefit you both greatly. Skin to skin helps regulate your newborns temperature and helps stimulate those hormones that produce milk. It also helps regulate their blood sugar levels and steady’s their heart beat. You will notice their early feeding cues much more easily in this position too. 3. Night 2 is EXHAUSTING! Feed, Feed, Feed. Cluster feeding is NORMAL during this time, go with the flow, they are bringing in your milk which is a GREAT thing. 4. Get the latch right. If you are unsure ask for help! Nipple tenderness is common for the first 7-10 days and peaks day 3-4. Nipple pain that extends beyond 14 days is not normal. See a Lactation Consultant. 5. Breastfeeding support is the key to a successful journey. If it’s not going well, ask for help!
  • Fear Tension Pain Syndrome

    Fear Tension Pain Syndrome

    Or fail to progress in medical terms … Im excited to meet my baby Im scared to give birth I don’t know what I want Im not worried about the pain I don’t want to tear Im ok with what ever happens Im unsure what I want to see happen at my birth The ups and downs that may dictate an out can be a mine field, SO, I always suggest start with a birth class … know everything but learn it from a professional .. not Facebook horror stories. Lets chat … Notice how each phrase contains a fearful word. It is so common to feel nervous about giving birth- particularly if this is the first time you’ll do it! It’s a hugely transformative event in your life. But, let’s talk about what effects this fear can have on your body, your mind, and ultimately, on your birth experience. Your body cant tell the difference between fact and fiction so when you starting worrying your body releases hormones like adrenalin and noradrenalin which can stop all the positive hormones and restrict blood flow to your uterus ..this results in F_T_P syndrome ( fear tension pain syndrome ) to learn more book in with Gabby for a chat on 0414406814 or email [email protected]


    Lets Do This! What is Antenatal Expressing of Colostrum? It is the hand expression and collection of colostrum during pregnancy (yes so before your baby is here!). Once your milk is collected you can then freeze it and give it to your baby after the birth.Did you know that from week 16 of your pregnancy, you will start to make colostrum?We recommend expressing from approx 36/37 weeks. Always let your LMC/OB know if you are keen to express colostrum and get the go ahead from them first.Having a wee stash of milk can be super helpful post-natally especially if your baby is at increased risk of having low blood sugars in the first few hours after birth. Here are times when it is good to think about Antenatal Colostrum Harvesting. Women:Diabetes in pregnancy (pre-existing or gestational). A baby born to a mother who has diabetes during pregnancy is at risk of low blood sugar after birth. Receiving extra colostrum at this time can help a baby’s blood sugar level to stabilize.Elective caesarean sectionsBreast hypoplasiaPCOSBreast surgery (including breast reduction)HypertensionStrong family history of dairy intolerance or inflammatory bowel diseasePrevious poor milk supplyInfants:Diagnosed with cleft lip and/or palate and other congenital abnormalities (Babies with these conditions may not be able to breastfeed well and so you may need to express your milk to be able to give it to your baby. Expressing colostrum antenatally can mean you have extra on hand if needed)Intrauterine growth restriction – IUGR/SGALarge for Gestational Age (LGA)Be mindful that if you are harvesting colostrum …