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Men and Hypnobirthing

Men and Hypnobirthing


During pregnancy and birth the focus is generally very much on mum, with less focus on the couple as a birthing unit. However a Hypnobirthing Australia course with me will take your partnership to a new level.


I strongly encourage partners to attend classes with the birthing woman. My classes cover many topics that are really important for partners to understand including:


Fear and beliefs that we currently hold about pregnancy and birth. In order to support your partner to achieve a positive, calm and relaxed birthing it is really beneficial that you have explored and dealt with any fears or beliefs that may be holding you back. It is also really important to understand your partner’s fears and beliefs so that you can develop the best techniques for helping her to feel safe.


Physiology of birth. As a birthing partner it is really important for you to understand how birth works and under what circumstances it works best. During labour you will need to ensure that the mum to be is cocooned in an environment that maximises her physiology and the release of the birthing hormones. I will teach you how.


Tools and techniques for relaxed birthing. This is where partners get a chance to really shine! You will be the one providing the most physical and emotional support for the birthing mum and I will help you to fill your toolbox with tools that will maximise the opportunities for a positive, calm and safe birthing. Massage techniques to soothe and comfort the birthing woman, self hypnosis scripts for you to read to help the birthing woman relax, breathing techniques for you to remind the birthing woman of. And more! These will help to ensure that after birth the new mum will be bragging about the wonderful support that you provided!


I often have couples contact me after completing my classes to let me know that the partnership focus of the course helped them to develop a better, closer, more intuitive relationship and ensured a labour and birthing journey where they felt more connected to each other and to baby.


So, partners, make sure that you clear your schedule and come along to Hypnobirthing classes. It won’t be long and your partner will be telling everyone how hypnobirthing made you the best support person possible.

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