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Fear Tension Pain Syndrome

Or fail to progress in medical terms …

Im excited to meet my baby

Im scared to give birth

I don’t know what I want

Im not worried about the pain

I don’t want to tear

Im ok with what ever happens

Im unsure what I want to see happen at my birth

The ups and downs that may dictate an out can be a mine field, SO, I always suggest start with a birth class … know everything but learn it from a professional .. not Facebook horror stories.

Lets chat …

Notice how each phrase contains a fearful word. It is so common to feel nervous about giving birth- particularly if this is the first time you’ll do it! It’s a hugely transformative event in your life. But, let’s talk about what effects this fear can have on your body, your mind, and ultimately, on your birth experience.

Your body cant tell the difference between fact and fiction so when you starting worrying your body releases hormones like adrenalin and noradrenalin which can stop all the positive hormones and restrict blood flow to your uterus ..this results in F_T_P syndrome ( fear tension pain syndrome ) to learn more book in with Gabby for a chat on 0414406814 or email [email protected]

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