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Brisbane Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is a gentle beautiful supportive  experience, the process of carefully preserving the placenta after birth is an art. Gabriella is highly qualified and experienced.


TCM of Placenta Encapsulation

 TCM Method The placenta is steamed, dehydrated and ground to a fine powder before being placed into capsules. Mums then take these capsules postpartum, decreasing the dose as time passes, to allow the body to slowly readjust to the new balance of hormones.

Half TCM Half RAW Method ( most popular)

This is half, half method is perfect for clients that have a history of Depression, Anxiety and extremely low iron, Consuming the two different methods together daily has been known to improve all symptoms, reduce further risks of PND and improve general health overall. placenta love heart keep sake ❤️ made with your babies cord & placenta print.

Raw Method of Placenta Encapsulation

During the raw method of placenta encapsulation, the placenta is not steamed at all. It is cleaned, sliced and dehydrated. There are no herbs added to this preparation and purely

Infused Raw Method

I add: Camomile – digestion or for relaxation & pain relief, Camu Camu – Boost immune system, Turmeric – reduces inflammation may improve milk supply

Include Placenta print & keep sake love heart with your cord❤️

Twin Placenta Encapsulation

2/4 Jars double the process two love hearts or made into one, Placenta Prints,  pick up and drop back includes placenta prints

Benefits include:

  • Faster physical recovery
  • Reduced postpartum bleeding
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing (Decreased chance of Post Natal Depression)
  • Improved milk supply
  • Higher levels of iron
  • Improved energy levels despite experiencing broken sleep
  • F.Y.I, encapsulation (the dehydration step of the process is about 8-10 hours for TCM and at least 24 hours for Raw).

Brisbane Placenta Encapsulation with Beautiful Births starts at $300 (with Pick up & delivery)  your gorgeous placenta cord is made into a keep sake love heart or twist depending on length you receive this with you jar of capsules in a brown paper bag with a rope handle you can reuse.

Additional travel fees may apply for delivery to clients out side of Brisbane CBD.


“Once I started taking the placenta capsules, I felt so much more energetic, less moody, I slept better and felt less tired, I had more milk, basically I felt happier,” says tamara. “I can  recommend this to other MAMA’S!

Encapsulation really can make a difference to your recovery & mindset.


read this article to find out more about placenta encapsulation



Few Q&A for you


If you book in advance?  I am available around your estimated due date to provide this service for you as we only take limited number of bookings a month. If you are looking at encapsulating and your nearing your estimated due date please contact me as YES I take last minute bookings also, just text or call so we can take care of your booking with out delay.

Please note I try to return your capsules with in 48 hr  to 72 hr ~ I use Australia Post Express, Registered Mail; guaranteed overnight delivery in metro areas with parcel tracking and signature required on delivery.


Personally delver back to these hospital – Servicing: Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital ~ Mater Mother’s Private/Public South Brisbane ~ North West Private Hospital ~ Greenslopes ~ Wesley ~Hospital ~ ~ Sunnybank ~ Mater Redland Bay ~ Redland Hospital ~ HomeBirth (Depending on location)

Fees above include the preparation and encapsulation of the placenta, a storage container for your capsules, written instructions for storage and handling, and guidelines for taking your capsules.
The service I provide is solely for the encapsulation of your placenta that I collect from you.

Yes. Group B strep is a common bacterium that does not normally pose health risks to the mother. All bacteria in the placenta is killed during the heating and dehydration process. Rarely, Group B strep can lead to uterine infection. If you developed a uterine infection or fever during your labor, your placenta would not be considered useful in healing, and would likely be taken to the pathology lab for testing, but otherwise, Group B strep is not contraindicated in placenta remedy preparation but would need to be prepared in the Traditional Method only

I request a deposit of $100, and remaining balance due 1 week prior to estimated due date.
Payments information will be provided when booking is made.

Hygiene and Cleaning for process.

As a Certified EEN  Trained in Blood handling I understand the importance of hygiene.

The utmost care is taken to ensure your placentas integrality is maintained.

The supplies used during the placenta encapsulation process are all stainless steel, food grade plastic, or disposable. Everything is thoroughly washed with surgical scrub soap and hot water, and then sanitised in bleach solution or a hospital grade sterilising solution.

We have several pieces of equipment that is changed cleaned and air dried every single time.

We want your placenta to love you back xx










Disclaimer : please note as no research has been done for consuming placenta after vaccines of any kind Beautiful Births takes no responsibility. Read more on regarding placenta & vaccines

Find out more about Placenta Encapsulation


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