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Lean into the “pain”

Hi ladies, I don’t know about you, but I’m all for feeling what’s happening in my body, processing it, then working with my tools, strength and knowledge to alleviate any discomfort.

Do we buy into the Pain or lean into the Pain? why do I ask this question? because everyone’s pain threshold is totally different and so is our ability to cope. Neither is right nor wrong it just is. By leaning into it you are working with your body not against it.

Having the tools to stay calm, cool and collected at your babies birth is certainly an art, one task that shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt.

For some people, reading some books can help them gain some confidence, body awareness and tools, where as for others a face to face class may be how they learn best. You can ask questions and your partner can see he is not the only dad to ever sit in on a antenatal class.

Dads absolutly love love love the class <3

No mother ever came out of a birth and said  its ok “ill just get my dream birth next time”  they feel let down and guilty which is not a great way to start motherhood! I guarantee most mummy’s say, well that’s nothing I dreamed it would be, it might have been better then they planned and for others, the experience might have been much worse. Unfortunately for lots of couples it takes a crappy experience to make you do your homework and look for some tools for a happier outcome.

PAIN = TENSION -> FEAR -> INTERVENTION. Without the tools for yourself and for your partner to stay calm, this is what I can guarantee the result will be. INTERVENTION and DRUGS its often a race to see who gives up on you first, caregivers offering you things that are not in your birth plan, your MIND telling you, You can’t go on,  and then your partner wanting to see you comfortable ( its hard for them also) not knowing how to help.

I truly believe in the power of the mind and how we process the pain as we and caregivers call it. “PAIN” Its interesting to me because I always just felt it was tightening and then pressure during my 4 labours and births.

Hypnobirthing teaches your mind to perceive it as just that, good pressure, like your body is doing its job. Your body and mind stay relaxed and you gain tools for the rest of your life.

In Hypnobirthing we don’t use disempowering words like pain, fear, stressed, scared etc. You get my drift “words are energy” so using words that empower the body and mind are very important for a positive experience.

For some women they just say well that is birth, as for others they really want to walk away feeling like they were in control, Hypnobirthing is a great tool and an empowering way to get your dream birth.

We prepare you for what ever turn your birthing takes so you feel you have control from start to finish.

Hypnobirthing Class Brisbane QLD Redlands Area 28/29th of November 2015

Enjoy the ride … Its life changeing ***

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