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Hypnobirthing  classes teach you how to return birth to being a cherished, natural event. Classes can be commenced from 20 weeks on wards of pregnancy and birthing couples are strongly encouraged to attend together.

If you are further along in your pregnancy than 36 weeks a private class will prepare you well.

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Please ask us about Private Hypnobirthing Classes In your Home all Year Round

“Payment plans available”

Private Class In your own home  6hr over two nights, two days, or 1 day Private classes all year round “some travel fee might be incurred to certain area’s” 


Refresher class includes new information and CD’s is only 3 1/2hr class one on one or join the second day of group class

2022/23 Class Schedule Phone for more information 0414406814

Group Classes – 7th & 14th May fully Booked 
Group Class – 22/23rd Oct  20222   3 spots left 
Group Class -11/12th Feb 2023 4 spots left 
Place : channel cleveland
Time – 8.30am to 2.30pm daily
Redlands Brisbane based, limited spots 
Book now text to reserve spot 0414406814 or email us on [email protected] 
amazing book to buy prior to class, jump on the link  http://B07HFG3DQP
All classes include:
folio cd’s  & morning tea and afternoon tea.
Gabriella loves to empower couples long after a hypnobirthing class .. ask about Doula support its transformational for every couple.

If you like the idea of Hypnobirthing  Classes but your partner needs convincing or you have questions, please contact me to discuss things in more detail.

CLASS Times and Information

  1. The course runs over a weekend
  2. Classes are 2 day weekends or week days
  3. Classes will also run on week nights also on
  4. Private Classes @ your Home – anytime
  5. You choose the best Days that suit your Family
  6. Classes will be held at Bayside & Brisbane location’s

Why Choose Me

Congratulation’s On choosing Hypnobirthing to support your journey to parenthood, you really are going to be elated with this program

I am a currently certified Hypnobirthing practitioner, affiliated with Hypnobirthing Australia

I have worked in birth as a birthing companion (Doula) and in Women’s Health for several years

I am so passionate about the natural wisdom of a women’s body, I believe birth is a natural, normal event, one I have personally experienced Four times and Love!

This is such an important time in a couple’s life, One you should never want to forget. Being informed about what is possible in removing all fear based thought’s and misconceptions is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your baby. So come along and Join me on the Birthing  journey that will possibly change your lives forever.



My goal for all couples is, an empowering and joyful birthing experience as a Family, to make sure all dads/partners feel empowered and involved, the whole process is so much sweeter as an expecting mother when her partner helps her to feel calm, supported, and cared for during labour.

You will be able to tune in to your body’s inner wisdom, birthing is a rite of passage for a women. My aim is to prepare you both for an experience you will reflect fondly upon for years to come.

When I teach a Couple Hypnobirthing they feel confident and empowered to say the least.

Hypnobirthing is a Calm and joyful journey to parenthood.

Join in our Hypnobirthing Classes today!

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