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November 26, 2013

Morning Gabriella!
I just wanted to share that we had a baby girl yesterday afternoon! Elaina Rosemary Bischof 5lb 2 oz. Although she has come 7 weeks early she seems to be doing ok. She breathed by herself but needed help as it was such an effort for her.
The dr said it looked like she had stopped getting the nourishment she needed from the placenta and is probably why Mother Nature brought her to us early.
I wanted to say a big thank you for our hypnobirthing teachings! We originally came in for monitoring as her movements had decreased and when I started to get pains the midwives brushed it off cause I was so calm. It was only when I really insisted that I get the monitoring equipment off that they decided to do an internal and I was 7 cm! (Although I asked them at the time not to tell me)
Anyway they took us to the birthing room, where I still felt very in control, and the dr wanted to do ARM. I didn’t want this to happen given negative past experience but felt given how early she was that maybe I should go with it. He said ill be back in about 2 hours when I expect she will deliver. 2 surges later I said to the nurses I was feeling “pushy” they were then very urgently calling the paediatrician and my dr back that I started to panic at this point but 2 more surges and she was here! I did it all by myself, no forceps or vacuum assistance which was exactly what I wanted! Not this early of course but I did it! It was only 3 1/2 hours in total, which I think was way too quick but I guess that was how it was meant to be.
Unfortunately she has to stay in the nursery for about 4 weeks and I had to go to theatre with heavy bleeding 6hours after birth, but we are all good now fingers crossed.
The nurses commented numerous times that they did not believe I was in labour and said obviously hypnobirthing works.
So thank you again for your wonderful teachings. I cannot say enough how much it helped to keep me composed.
Louise xxx