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Alicha & Paul & baby Azalea Grace

November 20, 2016

Alicha & Paul & baby Azalea Grace

Our first born little girl is 2 weeks old today. Feeding her in the early hours of this morning I noticed it was 4:19am – the time she was born. Reliving the birth in my mind I feel compelled to write a testimonial. Gabby, Paul & I are so very grateful you were there with us to welcome our baby into the world. Looking back, the whole experience would not have gone as smoothly, been as beautiful, joyous, calm and supported without you. Gabby’s expertise as a Doula goes beyond the physical assistance during labour, and beyond the wealth of knowledge she shares pre and post birth. Gabby chose to get to know Paul & I for the people we are, she took considerable time to understand our values, desires, vulnerabilities and sensitivities and gave her all to ensure both our needs were met throughout the journey. She was our second pair of eyes, knowing our needs and wants and helped us relay these to medical staff when Paul and I were caught up ‘in the moment’. Empathy in my opinion is not a skill that can be taught, and this is why Gabby is so special. We highly recommend utilizing a Doula like Gabby, she helped to define a role for my partner well before our baby arrived, and during and after he was as well prepped as I was. I won’t claim to have been the perfect hypnobirthing student 😉 however, our baby arrived swiftly, safely and without birth trauma – and without Gabby there to support us as a family things may have turned out very differently. My only regret is we didn’t get a photo of you with Azalea to remember you by-  Thankyou for sharing your skill, kindness and compassion with us.