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Meet Gabriella, Experience her passion for you to have a positive birthing day.

Gabriella provides a holistic and realistic approach. loving,  gentle and understanding.

Gabriella covers the CBD and greater Brisbane area

Gabriella is qualified in the following

  • Bush Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Blue Card Accredited
  • Student Nurse

Hello, And Congratulations on your pregnancy! Im honoured you are taking the time to read why Im so passionate about teaching women about having a positive birth.
My short story started with my first birth experience, It was less than fantastic; in fact it was downright traumatic.. I was left wondering how women could do this over and over again.My first birth experience was less than fantastic; in fact it was downright traumatic. I was left wondering how women could do this over and over again. I vowed to have a better experience the next time and began investigating how to make birthing a more calm and relaxing time. My three subsequent births were much better. After years in holistic therapies and women’s health my passion to create a wonderful birth experience that families wouldn’t forget was birthed. I was driven to study the art of Doula support, Hypnobirthing and Pre-natal Yoga. I’ve combined my skills to provide a unique service through Beautiful Births. Becoming a mother can be an immense struggle for many women. I’ve always felt I could give the right support and have dedicated my life to doing so. I’m passionate about creating an experience all mothers will remember fondly!

Supporting families on the journey to parenthood fills my heart with such joy. I was given a great deal of support and love for my last three births and now I enjoy giving the same love and genuine care to other pregnant women.

My goal is to provide exceptional support for you and your partner to create a birthing experience you’ll never want to forget!


Gabriella Ambrose


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