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Vbac..lets get this party started

A successful VBAC births. Many births begin in the night babies love the after 6pm arrival …. most pregnant mum’s will get up to wee, feel extra wet and realise there membranes have ruptured, then maybe an hour later begin
having pressure waves/tightenings at least 20 minutes apart. Most ladies will wake up their partners to tell
them something’s starting and then, probably because we all hope we’ll be
the 1 in 10,000 women who don’t experience a a long labour most women think this is time to start getting the
birth bag and baby stuff re-organised, fill up the tub maybe, I have seen so many
births that take days and days. women expereincing  pre labour warm ups, this is great actually helping you adjust and slowly stretch the cervix its really how one manages this! we hope your stretching at least to 3/4 cms  before you leave for hospital.  Most labours usually begin this way. The couple distracts themselves
in that early most critical stage the one that can take a while (so much patients is needed)  when the pituitary gland is beginning to put out “oxytocin” to dilate that amazing  cervix.  Many couples don’t call their hospital until they have
pressure waves coming every 5 minutes or under. but they’ve been up since
midnight timing every one of the early sensations. If they had called their
support person or hospital  at midnight she would have said “Turn off the light and let your
partner sleep as much as possible. You both need to rest. You, stay in the dark and
quiet. like the cat that births in a cupboard.  Take a bath with a candle if this helps and call me back when you think
you should come in.”

Early management makes all the difference to couples unfortunately they act
like it’s the time to sit up and chat..excitement gets the better of them I say NOOOO big no no, most couples don’t realize they are sabotaging their births right at the beginning. Staying up all night in the early part does two things–it
throws off the body clock that controls sleep and waking and confuses the
brain and it inhibits the release of the very hormone you need to dilate
effectively. You know that it can take days to recover after a night of
staying up. Don’t start your birth with that kind of stress on your hormone system.

When you begin to have surges/waves etc, I urge you to ignore it as long as you
possibly can. go about your routine as usual, Don’t tell anyone. let your  family and the birth attendants know also, you are resting having me time. You do have a say over your hormone’s they help your body and pituitary gland to release that beautiful glorious oxytocin this open’s your cervix ( dilates) by being in a dark resting and giving your self space.
A quiet room is great…you can however listen to music and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your last few hours with your baby in your belly …shhhhhh  eyes closed and enjoy. Good Luck.

Beautiful Births


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