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Few tips about labour day

Prepare for birth like you are training for a marathon, don’t just expect the doctors or the drugs to do the work. Do some sort of independent birth education like Hypnobirthing or get a doula – less stressed mums with good support have better births, which means you step into motherhood a lot more confidently. Also remember to breathe out and trust your body!”

Advice 101: Avoid Hospital Antenatal classes they will scar the hell out of you, and  actually gives your partner no idea of how he can support you.

“I heard all the ‘bad, horrible’ labour stories, but I would just tell myself that mine wasn’t going to be like that, I wouldn’t let it. And I had a great labour! Just ignore those horrible stories and believe in yourself and your body.

“Talk to your support person well before your due date about your big ‘do’s and don’ts.’ There will be times when you will be too ‘in the moment’ to make big decisions and that’s when your partner & support person should step in for you and act as a gatekeeper so no-one tries to push you into something you’re not comfortable with.

“Don’t take labour lying down. Move around as much as you want and let your body lead the way, whether that’s through squatting, swaying your hips, walking or standing. This all helps gravity to move the baby through the birth canal.

“Be as calm and open as you can going into labour and childbirth. Contractions are tough but they do come and go, so try to just rest in between. Take it all minute by minute. The pain doesn’t last forever and you will forget it all as soon as that baby is in your arms.

“Make sure you have plenty of snacks and water available for both you and your partner, so they won’t have to leave you during your hour of need to get supplies. Lip Balm, snacks,coconut water.

“When packing your hospital bag, throw in a pair of boardies for your partner so he can join you in the shower or bath for moral and physical support during labour. Just a little tip, but one that will help a lot.

“From a client of mine” ( Katie holden )

“Going through labour and giving birth is an amazing experience, but it can be scary, especially the first time around. I  Liked the idea of having someone other then my husband there so I hired my own Doula– it was the best thing I ever did, because she was with me throughout the whole process to hold my hand – literally.


“It’s great to have a guideline for how you would like your birth experience to go, but don’t get too attached to having everything on your birth plan go perfectly, because it won’t. Babies have their own agenda and arrive how and when they want. So don’t beat yourself up if you end up having an epidural or a c-section when you hadn’t planned to. Make a plan but be prepared to let go, too. At the end of the day, what matters is that you walk out of the hospital with both you and baby feeling happy and healthy.

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