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Stephanie and Edd’s Baby surprise

“After a lifetime of deciding not to have children, Edd and I found ourselves preparing for a “whoops” baby. We had a very low risk pregnancy, and naively thought that we could just coast through the birth being guided by the hospital system.

When a well-meaning friend suggested that perhaps we weren’t putting enough thought into the kind of birth we wanted, we started looking into doula services to provide us with the guidance and education that Public Hospital Shared Care wasn’t giving us.

Gabby completely changed the way I thought about the birth process and helped me prepare to bring our son into the world calmly and with mindfulness. When the time came for his arrival (15 days past his “guess date”) we were ready to greet him with immense love. With Gabby’s support, we were able to labour at home in comfortable and familiar surroundings before heading to the hospital for the birth. Theo was born just four hours after we got to the hospital, and we got the drug-free, calm labour that we wanted.

Thank you, Gabby. You will forever be a part of our birth story and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

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