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Post Natal Depression

It is by fare the most insidious disease ever, Depression/Post Natal Depression

It is unseen; those suffering from it cover it up from embarrassment, like they are broken. The most wonderful people I know have been here, I have been here, and we are strong, amazing, sensitive, kind, caring, usually misunderstood and easily over whelmed humans. They are not broken, just temporarily detached from feeling joy and coping with life in general.

Our Hormones are everywhere and we have a baby to take care of, we don’t have the luxury of laying in bed all day even though its tempting every day.

There is very little fundraising for PND sufferers; research or support, they don’t get a pink ribbon day.

They get told to get over it, get happy. Try a therapy or numbing drugs, they get asked why are they having a bad day.

That was my favourite one, I used to say why not! …If only it was that simple, flicking a switch and it all being better.

I am very blessed because it has been 8 years since I hit rock bottom and to be honest without my loving family, amazing friends, I am unsure if I would be here. It was as hard on them, as it was on me.

Best advice I can give

“Never give up on someone you love”

Best advice is none, Just don’t give advice, just shut up and listen, don’t try to fix them, they are not broken, they are hurting and out of balance, confused, frustrated, feeling guilty and until they help them selves, nothing gets better.

Please don’t think its just women, men suffer form it also, its not as common, but it does happen, they are human too.

So the next time your friend or family member looks or feels like they might be a sufferer of Post Natal Depression, don’t say chin up, feel better soon or get over it, its not that easy. It took me years of natural therapies mentoring, diet change, life style change, mind over matter education, self talk, hypnosis, body talk and other energy and herbal medicines to shift what was happening to me, but I got there and Its awesome to feel joy again.

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