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placentas are amazing

I think that placentas are amazing. I’ve had two babies and I didn’t get to fully look at my

placenta either time, which made me really sad. And having since examined another

placenta, I’m even sadder that I didn’t get to check out the organ that kept both my babies

alive and well.

Following the traumatic birth of my first baby I suffered terribly with, firstly, the shock and

then the “3 day blues” and then ongoing depression and PTSD. I felt disconnected,

emotionally exhausted, drained and sad.

I was determined to have a different birth for my second baby, but I was also determined

that, no matter what, I would have a different postpartum period. I wanted to spend my first

weeks after birth bonding with baby and feeling joyful.

This led me to research about placenta consumption. Turns out that the placenta isn’t only

awesome for keeping babies healthy, but can have benefits for mum after the birth too.

I was informed that the benefits of placenta encapsulation (consuming the placenta in dried

capsule form) included:

Less bleeding;

More emotional stability;

Better milk supply;

Higher iron stores;

and improved energy levels.

All the things that I absolutely wanted!

So I got in touch with a placenta encapsulator and away we went. The reason I didn’t get to

fully examine my second placenta was because it had to be packaged up for my doula to

deliver to the encapsulator. I went home from hospital on day 2 and was very upset that

night (I had another traumatic birth). Then I was worried that I would be going down the

same postnatal road as last time.

On day 3 my capsules arrived and I started taking them twice a day. I won’t say that it was

all rainbows and unicorns, but was 100 times better than my previous postnatal experience. I

had no milk supply issues and my mood was significantly more stable.

If you have the chance to get your placenta encapsulated I HIGHLY recommend it! I don’t

know anyone who has regretted it and I’m sure that you won’t either!

About the author: My name is Lizzie Carroll and I am a Cairns local Hypnobirthing Australia

Certified Practitioner, Doula, writer and mum. I am passionate about helping women to

discover the tools they need to empower themselves on their journey to motherhood and

embrace the transformation with joy and confidence. If you would like to chat about how I

can help you plan for your positive birth please give me a call on 0459 543 514 or you can

email me via [email protected].

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