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Midwives & Doula’s who does what?

In both public and private hospitals system’s both in huge demands are placed on midwives mostly,who often care for many women/couples at once.  This makes providing the intense, continuous labour support that we know reduces the need for pain medication and other interventions extremely difficult. whilst midwives do a wonderful job in a system they are working in, they are under significant pressure and can’t spread them selves any thinnner, and know as a midwife their first priority (quite rightly!) is your medical care.  The time consuming nature of this work, combined with scheduled breaks and shift changes means that staying with labouring couples continuously doesn’t happen in most birth units.  I guarentee couples are disappointed to find that once admitted to the hospital, non-medical options for pain management and progress are left entirely up to them.  This is one of many reasons women may run out of coping strategies quickly as labour becomes more intense and out of control. having a Doula that is well trained and experienced in supporting couples is in a hospital system is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

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