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When breathing down your baby one must first be soft limp and focused, Our imagination / visualisation is such a strong tool when it comes to having a soft easy birth.

close your eyes imagine the ocean bringing in some shells and as you breath out you blow them away expanding your belly and relaxing all your muscles so your body holds little to no tension.

Our role as a partner is to remind the pregnant mother of her ability to do this ..In this day and age of such medical concepts we have almost rendered our birthing mother useless when nothing could be further from the truth.

The body that can hold a pregnancy grow a child can birth that child (unless there is a serous medical condition) she has the ability to do this with ease. Women just lack the confidence, Our emotional state can unlock the trap door to success, try not to expose your self to negative shows and friends during this fragile time, This is the key.

So ladies breath like you’ve been doing it your whole life! “Hold up” you have been its that simple..

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