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Hypno joy for VBAC 3 Mumma Clarisse


We chose Gabby as our hypnobirthing teacher for the birth of our third child. Previously I had 2 elective C-sections due to fibroids and this time I was really keen on trying a V-BAC. 

Gabi was a great Hypnobirthing teacher! After the class I saw birth and the birthing process in a very different perspective. She taught me all the knowledge I needed to believe and trust myself and my body to go through the process. She is passionate about her work and all the advice and knowledge provided gave me the strength and helped me to stay focused before and during the birthing. These techniques allowed the birthing to go smoothly and follow the flow.

The hypnobirthing class and practice gave me confidence and allowed me to feel very relaxed, safe and strong. It also allowed Jim to actively participate in the birthing of our daughter.

After the hypno class we actually decided to have Gabby as our doula. We are grateful for her knowledge, help and presence. We had a beautiful, amazing natural birth. It was a magical journey even more than we had wished for.

I think having Gabby as our doula, assisting me and my husband going through the hypnobirthing, the preparation and the birthing was the best choice we made to enjoy this special moment in a relaxed atmosphere.

I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone. It was a very, very special moment. Even now some the technique of hypnobirthing I have learnt can be used and transposed in different aspect of my life.

Clarisse & Jim

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