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Faith, Courage, bravery words used when going to war YES?

Faith, Courage, bravery words used when going to war YES?

Why are we in the day and age having to constantly battle for our right birth how we desire? why are we so scared of vaginal birth?

Scheduling a c-section may give some women a feeling of total control over an inherently unpredictable experience. After all, if you knew the date your baby would be born, you could plan more easily for family help, work leave, and other post-baby needs. Some women feel it would be better to relax and enjoy those last few weeks instead of waiting anxiously for contractions to kick in at any moment.

But even if you schedule a c-section, that doesn’t mean your baby will wait until that date to be born. Haha  Since you can’t schedule the surgery earlier than 39 weeks, Your baby might have other plans, you’d still need to remain flexible in your plans in case you go into labour before then.

you can have much more control over what happens during the birth process and some women find that very empowering. I know I did 🙂

After a c-section, you face the difficulty of recovering from major surgery while caring for a newborn. You’re in the hospital for longer (an average of three days instead of two), you may be told to limit physical activity for several weeks, You also are not told you might wait 5 days for your milk to come as your body has not recognised it has delivered your infant because of the epi-dural.

What if I’m scared of the pain of labor and childbirth?

It may seem like the guarantee of anesthesia that accompanies major surgery would be a better bet than the uncertainty of pain management during labor and delivery. You may be concerned, for instance, that the epidural won’t work well or that you may not get a chance to have one at all.

Almost every pregnant woman has heard some horror story about labour pain. If this is a concern for you, discuss it with a practitioner so that she can review the best forms of pain management. Also, it’s a good idea to talk to women who have had a c-section. They may not have felt much pain during the surgery, but chances are they had a longer, tougher recovery than most women with vaginal deliveries.

Women are designed to birth be brave in birth as you will need to be  brave as a parent ..because then you don’t have a choice.


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