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#WHO #IS #DUE #NOW ???

How are you feeling ??

How does your care provider support you in a positive way?

These are the questions Im bombarded with daily by clients, We feel so vulnerable when things don’t go to plan ..Its a guess date the end. We are not god the ovulation time frame is not an accurate art unless artificially stimulated and the pregnancy accrues even then two question I ask my self

#1 Is my baby ready

#2 Am I ready

when fear is at play or the mind is busy else where babies generally tune into this and  just wait it out, Your readiness lack of fear and trust in your ability to do this will always play a role in when baby comes once “due” date has come and gone!

So using great natural induction techniques like : Nipple stimulation tweak those Nipples , Acupuncture, Acupressure, Sex “lots of it” Herbs, stair climbing and if all else fails I guarantee your baby will come when its ready TRUST IT!



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