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Diary log for 2014

After many births this year and already booked up till june next year 2015 I can honestly say I have been whiteness  to so many miricles as a Doula at  Mater Mothers   Royal womens Brisbane   &   Redlands  to name a few.

I find most of the staff at these hospitals are so caring and really trying to honour parents wishes. You can howerevr stumble across some staff that are not so friendly but I think you can say this about any hospital or work place, some care a lot, some care a little and some care only about there own reputation and policy not recognising the human wanting a calm unassisted experience.

Generally I can get a feel straight away , I love what I do and I feel I do it well, really giving the most positive support and service becoming friends with most of my clients, I know they can feel I care for them, being a good Doula allowing a couple to reach out as this time of there lives is such a  private and personal expereince for every one involved.   which is what being a doula is all about right?

My biggest challenge is getting parents to trust there natural parenting instincts and not look at facts but see them selves as an individual. We are all square pegs in round holes . thats what makes us unique. I know there are certain things staff are looking for that have a characteristic of a symptom or syndrome, but generally we manifest ailments very differently making us unique.  so when we present at hospital each case needs to be addressed differently “but its not”  The VBAC mum she’s such an unknown coming with her own fears phobia’s and health issues each mamma needs to be treated as an individual but they are not unfortunitly for them the hospital system are very nervous and over service these parents that can generally birth like any other first time mum, Thats where I feel my strengths lie, Hypnobirthing is such a great comfort and reassuring tool for couples plus my years of experience negotiating and judging where mums are at and how staff are feeling on any given day about this patient.

Reassuring dads in feeling like they are truly a vital part of a good out come and staff not feeling like they don’t matter because they do. all care givers start off really wanting the best for there clients its just over time and red tape they become jaded.

Home births are so much fun and relaxing for everyone involved. Ill leave it at that…I love them and would like to do more thats for sure.

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