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Being left with the PERFECT Vagina

Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking,Gabby , why are we talking about this?

simply, this is exactly what I needed to hear 33 years ago.

when my baby journey began, I was certain that childbirth would change my vagina.

My mother had a lots of tear with her first birth and her story scared the shit out of me. she was like if you survive, good luck its never the same again ( Hungarian women ) very dramatic ( immigrated at 14 with no mother )

I never understood how a baby could fit through a vagina and return to “normal” then again I couldn’t understand how breasts feed babies either.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but a Cesarean seemed far less painful. I mean, I was also terrified of epidural so no C-section was not an option at all.

 I also worried that sex reaching the big O would never be the same, Hahah Im sure you have all felt this and not spoken of it.

Just saying all I thought and felt is nothing short of what all women think and feel at some stage.

My vagina is perfect. And gurl, so is yours!

Vaginas stretch, a lot, like your mouth

Or like a lotus flower opens in the spring.

The beautiful skin and folds of your vagina open like petals on a flower in full bloom.

Try visualizing a flower opening during your birth.. It worked for me and lots of my clients!

Vaginas don’t always tear during birth.

True – not always do they tear

Sometimes – due to poor positioning or inability to let go fully

Always – not true

Never – also not true

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