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Having recently given birth to my second child I can honestly say I feel on top of the world. I am so happy I made the decision to find a doula to support my family and I through the mid stages of my pregnancy and birthing hours. I feel it totally made a difference knowing my doula Gabriella was there to offer me advice, encouragement and guidance when I needed it the most! I particularly liked Gabby’s unique style of support and mentorship allowing me to make my own informed decisions without judgement or criticism. My choice to birth my baby at a high risk facility renowned for its high intervention rates of medical procedures and drugs during birth obviously was not in my babies’ best interest or mine, but merely a decision based on convenience as it was the closest hospital this side of town. Having carried healthy babies and being in optimal health in both pregnancies my aim this time was to avoid the medical interventions (induced, pethidine and episiotomy) experienced three years earlier at the same facility (Northwest Private).

During my Hypnobirthing preparations I reflected on my experience of birth and revealed to myself my true experience. What I unveiled was that my experience of birth was traumatic and had subconsciously impacted on how I have envisioned the birthing experience.

When I initially met Gabby she asked about my previous experiences of birth and I answered ‘it was beautiful’ without even realising that the medical interventions I had endured had fundamentally affected my prospective of the birthing experience. In fact my prospective was tainted and damaged. This was something I wanted to changed and obviously experience a positive outcome the second time around. With the help of Gabby she gently supported me to develop my confidence and work toward gaining a positive outcome in relation to my birthing options.  Gabby helped me to refine my confidence in my body’s ability to birth my baby and say ‘NO’ to unnecessary interventions.


I felt like Gabby always had my back and that for me was reassuring. My husband were able to relax knowing I had the best support. One that I can honestly say you can’t put a price tag on this.

As the birth drew closer I could tell the preparations were starting to pay off I was looking and feeling ten times better than I did in my first pregnancy. I felt very connected to my baby and knew she was going to be a very happy, calm and content baby. I was right! On the last day of one of the biggest calendar months the big wait was finally over at 40 weeks 6 days pregnant I met my sweet baby daughter Abigail for the first time. I tell you she was certainly in a definite rush to meet me after only 2 ½ hours of active labour and 40 minutes after arriving at hospital. Through the final stages of Abigail’s birth Gabriella was an incredible support reminding me to re-centre my energies physically and mentally by correcting my breathing and sending oxygen and love down to my baby. Gabby’s voice for me was like a life line of natural analgesia that numbed my nerves, helped me to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Absolutely thrilled by the experience I successfully achieved the birth I set out to achieve one that was unmediated, unassisted, and totally organic.

I can honestly say having Gabriella beside me helped create a beautiful experience.   I highly recommend Gabriella Ambrose for anyone wanting to achieve a better outcome with birth, a beautiful outcome.

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