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Babies get a lot from their mothers just the way Mother Nature intended really. But babies birthed via cesarean section don’t pass through the birth canal might just miss out on the benefits from picking up Mum’s microbes on the way out. (Vagina microbiome)

Researchers studying the human microbiome have discovered there is a way to fix this… it might help restore the microbes for your baby naturally as he/she would get this through a vaginal birth this helps fight off disease a such as diabetes obesity and much more this also foster normal development.

A small study in Nature Medicine provides evidence-based information. But how? Yep you guessed By slathering babies just after birth with a gauze pad that soaked up the microbes in their mothers’ birth canal right before birth. Here in Brisbane I encourage my clients of  BEAUTIFUL BIRTHS to cover there breast and gather in a zip lock bag all the vagina juices (PARDON THE EXPRESSION) and scoop with there hands so they can wipe it all over babies mouth face nose etc.

“These results show that we can partially restore and normalise the microbial assembly that takes place naturally in babies,” Maria Dominguez-, an associate professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, who led the study. “We normalise their microbiome.”

Dominguez-Bello and her colleague’s stress that they need to test their approach on many more babies to really know if it works. Scientists also need to follow the children for years to see if the intervention makes any difference to their health.

In the meantime, they emphasize that women shouldn’t attempt this on their own because there is a risk they could inadvertently transmit dangerous bacteria to their newborns.

When a woman is pregnant, the composition of microbes in her birth canal starts to change. “Babies pick up these microbes. And by time the baby’s born, the baby’s heavily colonised by these microbes that have found the right place to grow,” says Dominguez-Bello.

Babies who are delivered with a C-section don’t go through the birth canal, so they don’t get these microbes. That might help explain why babies born by C-section appear to have a higher risk for a variety of diseases, she says.

Please do your own research, as its worth considering simply because of the vast change in our societies health conditions, what if this is the key to a healthy future?


Ill let you decide



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