Your complimentary consultation with your qualified Doula and Hypnobirthing instructor is just a phone call away

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Money well spent!

Long ago before there was Doula’s there was the hands on midwife un appressed by a paper trail of stress, there was a family support system that encouraged, nurtured and supported the pregnant, labouring, birthing women!

We have lost this unfortunately. We are such a busy society running here there and every where, this community like family environment has broken down. We have forgotten the importance of the nurturing of a pregnant women her needs her emotional  body that feeds her unborn infant and her mental attitude that once was nurtured by her family/mother and partner, She has forgotten how to give birth as modern medicine has taught her not to trust nature and that the medical route is the safest and a for few this is the truth! but for most its just a fearful  un- education scary experience. Its as though your bodies have not been designed to birth?  it really is not having the right support that can hold us back from our dream birth.

Having another women someone who cares educates and nurtures both mother and partner is the best investment $$ you will ever make , One of many major decisions for the best interest of your family…one that will hold a space in your heart that will never be a regret! Birth trauma not only affects mother but  baby and partners, sometime never recovering  from what ever has happened in the (what I call) out of control labour ward…you wouldn’t leave your holiday,wedding or a huge event up to chance? In no doubt you would find the money, invest the time and plan well. Your babies birth is no different

How was your last birth experience ? are you fearful? I ask this question all the time and find it very sad when I hear stories of mums and bubs not having there first day together, mum not changing the first nappy or feeding ..when most of the time this could have been avoided by the right education support and a new found trust in ones body.




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