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Do you demonstrate what you want to see??

Today I’ve been thinking about “what morels ethics, life skills and relationship values did I want my children to see in my home demonstrated daily”??

When I married my partner I remember not giving this much thought at all till my son came along.. I knew marriage was a must, all the values I felt this encumbered, my parents were married, to me this was a given.
(my view on this has never wavered but I appreciate that this is not crucial for a successful harmonies house hold).

My view on parenting was very strong though. Build consist routines create family traditions this builds value and confidence in children, two devoted parents putting there children first not them selves for at least the first 18 years, demonstrate good relationship foundation, monkey see monkey do. As a parent your role in modeling what is a healthy partnership is vital as I look around me and see kids messed up through broken people attacking one another in moments of ego, jealousy and selfishness I see why children have anger issues are confused on how to treat each other simply because of the behaviors and power struggles the parents are having.

Life at home, must be consistent the same so when the rest of there lives are in turmoil Home is safe, from birth to 18 I felt this was very important sleeping in there own home under the roof of one or both parents there own bed or yours under the same roof every night. SO how does this work I ask myself for broken relationships??…, I came from a family where broken relations was all they attracted, NOT MY PARENTS BUT I have 3 sisters and two I watched leave and move back with partners on and off whilst their kids grew into very confused adolescents. This was not for me.. noway nohow!  that much I did know. I guess you can make your own rules but I ask you to consider this? is this what I am demonstrating best for myself? or is this best for my child and if its for you think about this? in 10 years how will this effect my child’s views on what’s healthy and whats not ??

Studies have shown that the first 3 years builds emotion stableness the next 4 build habits foundations for life views behaviors right or wrong, This as a parent you can control if you give it enough thought.

Your Childs stability is in your hands it can a very powerful tool moulding a stable future is the key to good parenting.


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