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Breast is physiologically normal

These days everyone has heard the saying “breast is best”. What we hear less is: “Breast is physiologically normal, but is a tough skill to learn.” Being informed and supported is really important and having me as your doula can help on both counts!


The immediate postnatal period can be a jumble of hormones, the highs of having a new baby or the challenges of unplanned interventions. You may experience the baby blues. And you will be inundated with advice on all things baby related. It can be a tough environment to learn new skills in, so it’s well worth learning as much as you can about breastfeeding and “normal” newborn behaviour prior to the birth.


As your doula I can help you with gathering this information and making informed decisions. We can talk over any fears or doubts that you have about breastfeeding and put strategies in place to work through these. Many of the hypnobirthing techniques that we use to reprogram the subconscious with positive messages about birth can be used to do the same with breastfeeding.


I can help you to sort through the myths and facts about breastfeeding and breastfeeding problems. And I can help you to formulate questions to ask your care providers. If you have physical issues such as previous breast surgery, illness or medications that you are taking I can help you to source evidence based information to help you make informed decisions about your breastfeeding options.


It’s also important to remember that interventions during labour and birth can have an impact on the breastfeeding relationship that you will have with your baby. The hormonal physiology is well balanced to ensure the perfect hormonal environment for breastfeeding to begin immediately after birth, however many common interventions can interfere with this delicate balance. Having a doula can help to minimise the occurrence of routine interventions and maximise the release of the hormones necessary for establishing breastfeeding.


As your doula I will help you to formulate a birth plan that takes into account the “golden hour”. The hour after birth that is so important as the starting point of your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. I can help you to communicate this plan to your care providers and support you through this stage of your journey.


Once you and your baby are home I will continue to support you and assist you in continuing your breastfeeding journey. If you are struggling I have a network of professionals that I can refer you to for specialised assistance. And having breastfed 4 of my own children I can provide a wealth of personal knowledge and empathy.


Early parenting and establishing breastfeeding can be a difficult time and process. Many women find it challenging due to the depth of changes happening in your life. Having a doula to walk beside you can make a world of difference.








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