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So baby makes #3 new mums now what?


You’re new at this right? How many hours in a day does it take to cook a meal feed your infant, put out washing, shower and go to the toilet? Well maybe all day. I know you’re worried about getting things done and about saving money, picking a day care. New house bigger yard and least of which your career but unless your going back to work next week you have years literally to take care of this, a little mess never killed anyone. Being present in the moment getting your babies needs met is the most important thing at this point in time. Soon enough your baby and routine will settle giving the space to think again.

The first 6 weeks is like a tornado just moved in and that’s ok.

“You JUST had a baby”

I know my self soon as I had my son I thought how will I work towards my dream job? Why does that happen?? I hear it all the time soon as a girl gets pregnant she wants a career or to study. Its like she’s moved into a state of panic, its as though one thinks, My LIFE IS OVER.. Well I’m here to tell its not. It’s the beginning of the most important learning and growth of your life! Which pays nothing by the way $$ but my goodness the love that you bank in your heart is GOLD.

I know you can’t see the light in the first 6 weeks but its there I promise. Yes it sucks in the moment and I know you wish you had known more of what to expect but every baby comes with its own set of challenges and personality so no one method of parenting works for every baby, find your own way and listen to your gut most of all  hang in there TRUST ME your going to be ok.

Best advice I can give; Take help when offered, learn your baby, leave the house chores, eat and sleep the same time as your baby does and turn the phone off social media and apps. If your baby is feed and happy your amazing! thats all you have to achieve today.

Give yourself permission to be HUMAN. “Try not to be super women”

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