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  • Amy & Jason amazing birth

    Amy & Jason amazing birth

    Hi Lovely Gabby, “Gabby was our Hypnobirth teacher and after a weekend of learning about this, my partner Jason and I felt very empowered and educated on the natural way of giving birth and that it should be an easy, loving and enjoyable process. We practiced all the meditations, exercises and affirmations a few months prior to the birth and we felt this really helped also. Gabby was our doula during the labour and birth and I am forever thankful to have her support, love and knowledge during this process. I delivered the baby naturally without any drugs in a water bath…. 12 hours later … a beautiful healthy baby. Gabby you are amazing and please keep spreading your light and love to all women for their birth experience!”
  • Kerri and Tims baby excitment

    Kerri and Tims baby excitment

    Hi Gabriella We wanted to say a huge thank you to you and thought we’d share!!! We were so proud to welcome our beautiful baby girl Lexi to the Earth on Saturday morning after silently and calmly laboring at home until arriving at the hospital at 8cm and delivering an hour and 16minutes later. My husband had no idea until 1.5hrs earlier that i was laboring throughout the night I have your two day course to thank for that Kerri x
  • Alice and Seans Fast and Natural Delivery

    Alice and Seans Fast and Natural Delivery

    Having recently given birth to my second child I can honestly say I feel on top of the world. I am so happy I made the decision to find a doula to support my family and I through the mid stages of my pregnancy and birthing hours. I feel it totally made a difference knowing my doula Gabriella was there to offer me advice, encouragement and guidance when I needed it the most! I particularly liked Gabby’s unique style of support and mentorship allowing me to make my own informed decisions without judgement or criticism. My choice to birth my baby at a high risk facility renowned for its high intervention rates of medical procedures and drugs during birth obviously was not in my babies’ best interest or mine, but merely a decision based on convenience as it was the closest hospital this side of town. Having carried healthy babies and being in optimal health in both pregnancies my aim this time was to avoid the medical interventions (induced, pethidine and episiotomy) experienced three years earlier at the same facility (Northwest Private).   During my hypnobirthing preparations I reflected on my experience of birth and revealed to myself my true experience. What I unveiled was that my experience of birth was traumatic and had subconsciously impacted on how I have envisioned the birthing experience.   When I initially met Gabby she asked about my previous experiences of birth and I answered ‘it was beautiful’ without even realising that the medical interventions I had endured had …

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  • Do you demonstrate what you want to see??

    Do you demonstrate what you want to see??

    My view on parenting was very strong though. Build consist routines create family traditions this builds value and confidence in children, two devoted parents putting there children first not them selves for at least the first 18 years, demonstrate good relationship foundation, monkey see monkey do.


    Babies who are delivered with a C-section don't go through the birth canal, so they don't get these microbes. That might help explain why babies born by C-section appear to have a higher risk for a variety of diseases, she says. Please do your own research, as its worth considering simply because of the vast change in our societies health conditions, what if this is the key to a healthy future?


    I know you can’t see the light in the first 6 weeks but its there I promise. Yes it sucks in the moment and I know you wish you had known more of what to expect but every baby comes with its own set of challenges and personality so no one method of parenting works for every baby, find your own way and listen to your gut most of all hang in there TRUST ME your going to be ok.


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